Top 10 Amazing Aussie Home Pest Facts [2020]

Australian Home Pest Facts You Never Knew

Home Pest

Have you ever wondered why we have home pest to contend with? They are here for a reason even when we don’t know what the reason is. Would you like some facts about home pest and what their purpose is? Well keep on reading and we will enlighten you on the top 10 home pests.

1. Roaches

Most people feel that roaches are dirty and disgusting but they do serve a purpose. Centipedes eat roaches and will bite off the head to save for later because a cockroach can live a week without its head. The only thing that kills them effectively is insecticides so hiring a pro is best.

2. Bedbugs

Ants and spiders feed on them. They have emerged again because people travel more and bring them back with them and feed mostly at night. They can multiply quickly. Using a pest control company to kill them is the best way to get rid of them. A pro will use insecticides or heat to eradicate them. The CDC says they can spread parasites

3. Termites

They provide a vital ecological service. Destructive termites need a moist place to live. They can be a food source for some animals and aquatic fish. A termite colony can destroy one cubic foot of wood in 1 year. Pesticides work best to kill them

4. Silverfish

Their favorite food is book bindings. They can live up to 8 years and known by Fish Moth. They will leave a yellow stain on books and  very hard to kill as they have gotten used to most insect poisons. Hiring a pro is the best way to get rid of them

5. Ants

Native ants are more common in rural areas. Invasive ants bully native ants. Ants are well organized and very social. To help keep the ants away make sure to clean up any food containers and seal up any cracks or places where they can get into your home. Bait traps work well as a temporary fix.

Ants Control

6. Fleas

Fleas can jump a distance of 50 times their body size. They are animal parasites. Fleas are dangerous to humans because they can transmit bubonic plague, viruses and bacteria. Keep your pets safe by using oral flea prevention medications

7. Ticks

They can spread diseases like typhus, spotted fever and Lyme disease. Ticks are arachnids like spiders. Hard ticks are found in the woods and soft ticks are found on birds. They are external parasites. They feed on blood and live around 200 days

8. Rats and mice

Brown and black rats carry diseases. The hopping mouse is a protected species. The teeth of mice and rats are always growing, that is why they chew on things to wear them down. You know you have one or the other when you see droppings. The method most people use to control them is either bait or traps

9. Spiders

They are good for our ecosystem. They help to control other insects. Their bite is usually not a health concern unless you have an allergic reaction. Most spider bites happen while gardening. It is best to relocate instead of killing them. They usually only bite when they cornered and can’t run away


10. Wasp

They can continue attacking by detaching their stinger. In Australia, they have the most dangerous wasps that can kill. The largest one found had a wingspan of 4.5 inches. Only the females can sting. There are solitary and social wasps. To get rid of them locate the nest and then call a pro

Out of the home pest talked about here, some are necessary to get rid of and some are beneficial. All but a couple of places on earth has a variety of pests. If it does not carry diseases, then we should try to relocate because they are good for our ecosystem. If home pest does carry diseases eradicate as soon as possible. Normally if you have more than one spider bite, it is not a spider, but more than likely bedbugs. If you have more than one bite check around your bed seams as that is where they are most likely.