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Although they have existed for millennia, bed bugs have recently become an epidemic in Australia. We are a locally owned and operated business whose mission is to eradicate all manner of pest and invasive species from your home.

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What are Bed Bugs?

They are small, oval-shaped insects that feed on human blood. Adult bedbugs reach 4-5 mm in length. They’re strictly nocturnal and mainly active at night.

They’re very fast, which makes them almost impossible to detect. During the day, they hide in mattress crevices, under the bed, and even in small cracks if your bed is made of wood. s

They can live on any soft surface in your home, including: upholstery, mattresses, carpeting, and drapery.

Bed bugs are parasites and will seek out blood. One reason they are so prevalent is that they can cling to almost any soft surface for an extended period of time.

If you have ever stayed in a hotel room, it’s entirely possible that they could have climbed onto your luggage and joined your ride home. This is why it’s very easy for people to unknowingly transport them.

The only signs to look out for, are the actual bites, and by then, you already have a major problem.

Contrary to popular belief, these insects are not attracted to dirt. Therefore, finding them in your home is not an indication of poor hygiene or cleanliness.

Common Species in Queensland

Globally, there are two species of bed bugs that infest human spaces: Cimex lectularius (also known as red coats) and the smaller Cimex hemipterus (also known as the tropical bed bug).

Although both species are found in Queensland, cases of Cimex hemipterus have been increasing in recent years and it is now considered the dominant species by most bed bug control experts.

Bed Bugs

Signs of an Infestation

Although small, itchy bites on you and your pets are a classic sign of a bed bug infestation, not all people develop visible bite marks. Some other common signs of infestations include:

  • Bloody spots on pillowcases and top sheets
  • Rusty brownish-red spots (bed bug droppings) along mattress or other furniture seams
  • A coriander-like scent, produced from bed bug scent glands
  • Signs of bed bug eggs and molted skin

Because are attracted to carbon dioxide, darkness, and heat, our beds are the perfect location for them to hide and multiply. They can live for a year between feedings, which means that getting an hotel room and waiting them out is not an option.


As they are difficult to eradicate it’s best to call professionals in bed bug control. Below are are some tricks you can try to control an infestation and stop it from spreading:

  • Launder your bed sheets every day, drying them on the hottest setting for at least a half hour
  • Wash all clothing, stuffed animals, drapes, and other soft linens and dry them in the same fashion as your bed sheets
  • Vacuum your carpets and mattress every day
  • Pull your bed and other furniture away from the wall to make it harder to access
  • Seal any obvious holes in your drywall and around your window frames

While these tips will help, it is unlikely that they will completely eradicate an infestation. A professional treatment plan is the best way to completely remove the problem.

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