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With a decade of experience in the pest control field, we offer Brisbane property owners peace of mind and security in the integrity of their buildings. Pests can enter a building through hairline cracks and openings, spreading disease and destroying the building.

Some of the biggest pests that plague this warm and humid coastal region of Australia is termites. They can wreak havoc causing significant damage to properties and often decimating investments and ruining family homes. We offer building and pest inspections for both residential properties and commercial properties.

Being located in Brisbane gives us insight into the climate and the relevant risk factors it carries in terms of pests and what typically thrives here. Along with termites, cockroaches tend to be problematic. Cockroaches also feed on decaying matter (just like termites) and they love coastal regions because they need humid conditions to thrive.

How best can you protect your home, your business or your warehouse from pests and their diseases? It starts with insight. Have a pest inspection and a building inspection before you agree to any treatments.

Pest inspection

A pest inspection will determine what kind of creepy crawlies are living on your property. A pest inspection will also determine how extensively they have bred (and multiplied out of sight), where they are nesting, what they are feeding, where they source their water, and which of these elements is their primary motivator for living on your property.

For example, if you have piles of rotting wood in your backyard, you’re creating the perfect breeding ground for termites.

A pest inspection will determine what pests you have (by positive identification) and it will identify how to cut them off from their water and food supplies or eradicate the nests. It will also give us a good idea of the best pest control method to combat them.

What will we look for during our pest inspection?

We inspect every crevice, crack, and entry point into the house we can physically reach. We start with an exterior examination, trying to find all of the possible places a pest could gain entry. We will also inspect the perimeter of the building for nests, signs of pests, and mud tubes from termites.

An interior inspection includes using a variety of devices to check for termites in the walls and under the floors. We can use thermo-imaging to find the heat they emit. We can also look for pest droppings, signs of pest damage, and telltale signs of nearby nests.

How long does a pest inspection take?

It takes between 90 minutes and two hours to conduct a typical house inspection but this depends greatly on the size of the house, how accessible its layout is, and how extensive the property is.

There are various factors that can influence how long a pest inspection can take. It is important to give the inspector the space to conduct the inspection is a great amount of detail as possible. This will ensure the most accurate report.

Building Inspection

Building inspections

A building inspection is all about gauging the structural integrity of a building. It is vital, not only as a legal requirement but also for the safety of everyone who will be occupying that building.

It’s not to say that you should distrust your builder or handyman, but a pair of eyes that are trained for risk assessment would give you the best report. It’s best not to try and take shortcuts when it comes to safety and approval on building inspections.

A building inspection protects your property investment and it also keeps everyone who lives or functions on that property, safe. We make building inspections simple and straightforward with our expertise and superb customer service. We really do want to make this as easy as possible for you.

What building inspections entail

Building inspections include a thorough look at your building’s;

  • Electrical and wiring set up
  • earth leakage switch
  • wiring cable should be white
  • the fuse box should have a modern circuit breaker


  • We check the plumbing to rule out any risks and ensure there are no;
  • cracks in the waste pipes
  • broken seals or sign of leakage
  • small leaks in the pipes that can cause significant water damage the structure of the house

Toilets and Bathrooms

We check bathrooms for signs of;

  • excessive sealant
  • leaks for after flushing
  • hot shower source
  • shower bases
  • Tiles
  • Bathtub
  • Sink
  • shower screens and taps should function properly.

This inspection is also carried out in the laundry area, subfloor area, kitchen, roof, windows, doors, wall, and ceilings.

Our Advantage

  • Fully Licensed by Queensland Government
  • Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance $20 Million
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Accurate Reporting

Our Services

  • Combined Building and Pest Inspections
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