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Hantavirus, Salmonella, and Leptospirosis. These are the top three diseases that are carried by mice, including those around your immaculate and clean home. Aside from causing major damage, mice are a hazard to your health.

They’re evasive and difficult to pin down, but chewed cupboards, chewed electric wires on appliances, and food with obvious gnaw marks give the necessary clues that you have a mouse infestation.

In past times, people introduced cats to lower the mouse population. However, in a modern setting, this won’t work because domesticated cats are fed and therefore unmotivated to pursue the pests, especially if they’re difficult to track and chase.

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What are mice?

These small rodents are often considered harmless, especially in comparison to rats. They’re drawn to houses for a food source and convenient shelter.

Being predominantly nocturnal and generally very shy, you’re unlikely to encounter them during your everyday activities.

During the safety of the night, however, they’ll make a nuisance of themselves as they feed on your supplies, gnaw on the structure of your home, and breed copiously.

They’ll do this while spreading some of the most contagious diseases, by running across your countertops and sinking their teeth into your groceries.

Mice Treatment

Mice treatments

There are a number of ways to get mice population numbers back into the safe zone. It requires some removal or extermination as well as ongoing and preventative measures.

We will assess the situation, identify your problem areas and the causes, and recommend an ongoing solution to follow the initial treatment.

We usually recommend poison, however, if you are concerned about surrounding wildlife (like owls) being affected, we can introduce traps and look at other eco-friendly possibilities.

The best starting point is an evaluation and an open discussion.

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