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All our pest inspections are conducted by trained professionals. They are trained to identify the common pests that can cause damage to a building and that could pose a safety hazard to the people on the property. A pest inspection places special emphasis on identifying termites, borer beetles, and dry rot. Property owners are often unsure of how to find professional pest inspectors, and they’re also worried about how they will handle pest management should there be an infestation. This is understandable and that’s why building and pest inspections can be entirely overwhelming. We’re here to help with any dreaded building pest. 

We are trained professionals in the industry and we take pride in offering excellent service with a smile. Our extensive experience means we can offer you the latest innovations in the field and the most comprehensive pest report. Each of our inspectors is licensed and experienced. We regularly update our approaches based on new knowledge that is discovered in the industry. That means you can make the most informed decision when you hire one of our experts.

We have answered some of the most common questions related to inspection in Brisbane.

What is done during a pest inspection?

A building and pest inspection is a thorough examination of the exterior and interior of a building to identify signs of pests and signs of softness (which could indicate dry rot). The pest inspection will include an examination of windows, rooflines, rafters, and foundations. Homeowners have to prepare themselves – the building and pest inspector is required to identify weak spots using a device to try and poke through the wood If the device makes a hole, it indicates a problem that needs to be remedied. Seeing a hole poked through the house might be alarming to the homeowners but it’s necessary. A building pest inspection (done by a building inspector) also entails looking at the larger property to find signs of building pest issues, like termites mud tunnels, termite mounds, rat nests, beehives, and rotting wood. 

Who pays for pre-purchase pest inspection?

Who pays for a pre-purchase building and pest inspection varies from region to region according to the local laws. The seller is required to pay for the inspection and if there are termites, the seller is also required to cover the cost of Section 1 termite treatment in the case of a pre-purchase building. In some cases, the buyer may want a second opinion after seeing the pest inspection report, in this case, the buyer is responsible for any additional inspections. If the buyer wants any additional treatments over and above a Section 1 termite treatment, that is for the buyer’s account, too. It is legal to negotiate different terms if both parties are in agreement. Remember, termite damage is not covered by homeowner’s insurance, so make an informed decision before you move into a new property.  It is highly recommended.

How much does an inspection cost?

The pest inspection cost varies. You’re paying for a building inspector who has expertise in identifying the subtle signs of pest presences and deteriorating conditions of the house. You are also paying for the pest control report, which carries legal weight should termite damage be found down the line and legal proceedings occur. That report has the potential to protect the previous homeowner.

That said, a typical building and pest inspection for a standard-sized dwelling is usually around $400 – $500. This depends on the size of the house and the property. A larger and more intricately laid out property will e more expensive. A smaller and more compact house will come out cheaper. 

While a pest inspection is generally a standard price, the various treatments can differ in price quite tremendously. Fortunately, you can make the decision that fits into your budget once you have established the severity of an infestation if you have one at all. In some cases, you only need to take preventative measures t to safeguard your home or property.

Three reasons to hire a professional

It’s tempting to think you can handle the inspection on your own. This would be a mistake – not only for legal reasons (the ramifications of which can be serious enough) but also because you might end up with recurring insect and dry rot issues in the future. There is a reason professionals require a license and certification to prove their skills. Their certification proves competency and it also ensures everyone’s safety – most importantly, yours and your family, as the client (because the treatments and chemicals that are used in pest management require care) .

Legal protection

The most important reason to hire a professional for your pest inspection is that it protects you legally. A qualified professional can give you an official report of their findings. If they find your property to be pest-free, you are indemnified of any pest-related damage that might occur down the line. Even if you are certain there are no pests present on the property, your opinion won’t hold any legal standing and you can be held liable for damage down the line. A qualified professional will have a license, and, while the skills of a professional are indispensable, it is that license/certification that really indemnifies the property owner. 

The Right Tools

Another reason to hire a professional pest inspector is that they’re trained to identify the most subtle clues that indicate there are pests presents. They understand the habits of different pests, including how they breed, where they breed, what they feed on, and how they create safe havens out of sight. Unless you have an in-depth knowledge of each pest, you will probably miss the subtle clues. Professionals come prepared with the tools of the trade. This includes thermal-imaging tools to help them detect termites quietly living in walls and under the floors. A pest controller is so skilled, he or she can identify termite damage caused over a decade ago. This means they can tell if there has ever been a pest infestation on the property in its history. 

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