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Termites are among the most dangerous pests to leave unchecked and they are also some of the most commonly dis-identified pests. While they do carry health risks, their primary danger lies in the devastation they cause to buildings.

They feed on wood and can eat through the structure of a house while remaining almost completely undetected. The moment you identify a termite anywhere o your property, you are at risk and possibly already have a termite infestation. Termites are also called white ants and require rigorous action to be taken in order to get them under control and remove them from a property.


Termite inspections

Termite inspections typically occur before you build on a new property, purchase a property, or add onto a building. Termite inspections should also be carried out routinely to rule out re-occurrences and maintain your building’s structural integrity. Termite inspections can also be done following a treatment to ensure the property is truly termite-free and safe to enjoy for another year until the next inspection is scheduled.

An inspection will include a look around the yard and identify ideal breeding grounds for termites. They love wood – old rotting trees, fencing, timber structures, and even retaining walls can house termites. An indoor inspection will involve checking every wooden element on the house like window frames, flooring, and trim as well as furniture like cupboards and wooden seating or lounge suites.

We will also inspect the ceiling and ensure that guttering, vents, skylights, beams, windows, and all other structures are secure and free from holes, tunnels, and termites. We will also climb under the house to inspect the integrity of the house supports – beams, joists, and any other timber.

Termite inspections will be conducted with the necessary tools to ensure we provide you with the most comprehensive feedback possible. It also ensures that whatever we report is supported with evidence of our findings and absolute certainty. We aim to complete our inspection with minimal disruption to you and your routine, whether it is in your home or at a commercial space. If your inspection takes place at a commercial location, we also do our best to be discreet and ensure your daily operations are able to continue as far as possible.


Termite identification

 If you ever spot a termite, it is best to call a professional termite control expert as soon as possible. Termites are called white ants although they are not really ants. You can identify them by their large and pale-coloured mandibles. They usually walk in a line like other ants.

You can identify them outdoors with some of their habits. There are different types of termites, some of them burrow and form narrow little tunnels made from mud. Others build ant mounds, and others build their colonies in rotting wood.

They can be identified by the patterns they chew into the wood which often resembles driftwood that has washed out of the ocean. You may also find little piles of sawdust near wooden structures.

Part of the difficulty with identifying termites is their habit of burrowing – they tend to burrow in peoples’ walls, under the ground, and inside structures. This. alongside how easily they’re mistaken for other pests, makes them difficult to detect.


Termite treatment

 There are a number of ways to combat a termite infestation. Some of them include eradicating the colony fast but this can sometimes lead to new infestations as some of the ants may survive.

Some of the best long term solutions are implemented over the course of a few weeks. The best protocol will depend on your environment, where they are colonising, and the severity of the infestation. Our most effective treatments include;


  • Termite baiting

This involves providing food for the termites outside of your home, effectively luring them away from the building. Baiting can be done above the ground or below the ground and acts as a good alternative to chemical treatments.

The toxins we use in the baits are safe for pets and children and take a long time to kill the termites. Therefore, they will feed on the bait for weeks and carry that food back to the colony where it is spread around, before killing the entire colony.


  • Termite barriers

These are most effective at the building phase because it involves laying physical barriers under the ground that the termites can’t pass. Chemical barriers are similar in how they work, except they are made with an insecticide that is targeted at termites and which they cannot cross. This means that despite the presence of termites in your garden and on the property, they are unable to enter your home.


Termite prevention

 Prevention is possible and easy when you understanding the breeding and the feeding habits of these pests. We are able to draw up a list of changes you can make to your property in order to minimise the feeding grounds and thereby decrease termites’ attraction to your property.

We can also provide baiting stations which are used on an ongoing basis. These stations have no repercussions on the environment and will ensure your property remains termite-free. We also have chemical solutions and barrier methods that we install and maintain on your behalf.


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