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For those with arachniphobia, spiders needn’t be dangerous or venomous for them to terrify and haunt homeowners. It’s easy to understand, right? Eight creepy legs, lightning-fast movements and the ability to move in an unpredictable manner.

Spiders also have the potential to pose a legitimate threat to humans. Many varieties are harmless but others are absolutely deadly toxic. For families with young children, ensuring a safe and non-threatening environment is crucial.


What are spiders?

Contrary to popular belief, spiders are not insects. They may look like insects and appear to behave like insects but they are part of a family called arachnids under the group arthropods. Spiders are different from many other arthropods in that their exoskeleton, the outer layer of their “shell”, is made of protein and chitin making it slightly more flexible.

As they grow, they shed this skin. Other members of the arachnid family include ticks, scorpions, and mites. They’re characterised by the way in which their bodies are divided into two segments and they have eight legs. Spiders will breed according to how well they are feeding.

This keeps their numbers in proportion to the resources available in an area to sustain them. Thus, if you have lots of spiders, eliminating some of their food sources might reduce their numbers, alongside the introduction of more predator species.


Spider control

 Spiders gain access to people’s homes via tree branches that touch the building. They may crawl in via the rooftops and through the ceilings or they enter through the windows. Many people hope to repel spiders with the use of essential oil, like mint. However, this method requires replenishing daily and it doesn’t remove the risk of running into these creepy-crawlies.

Upon our inspection of your premises, we will suggest the best way to combat an over-abundance of spiders, their access points into your home, and how to keep your family and the environment safe while eradicating these pests. The goal is to ensure you feel safe in your own home, and that you are safe.


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