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Silverfish can wreak havoc in the home. They love the starchiness in books and fabric and are capable of destroying prized items almost completely undetected. They prefer to stay out of site which makes detection difficult.

If you notice moth-eaten materials and clothes, books that are deteriorating fast, and small piles of dust inside linen cupboards and areas that are mostly left untouched, you probably have fish moths. Fortunately, they’re not a danger to humans but they are a danger to your linen, curtains, books, and cupboards.


What are silverfish/fishmoths?

Sometimes called silverfish, fish moths are named after fishes because they’re sleek and slim and generally a silvery grey colour. They’re incredibly evasive, preferring undisturbed corners of the house that are dark and used to store paper and fabric.

They’re very common in every household and eliminating them can be difficult. Part of the reason they’re so evasive is that they’re nocturnal on top of the fact that they tend to live out of sight.

They do require moisture to thrive, which is why cupboards near the bathroom are often popular choices for them. They require high humidity levels which also explains why they tend to be more problematic in the coastal regions. Silverfish, or fishmoths, are often mistaken for tiny house centipedes.


How to treat silverfish/fishmoths

Knowing that silverfish require moisture and humidity to thrive, our first point of call will include checking the house for leaks and ensuring water sources are closed off. Further to that, a de-humidifier can keep the air levels slightly drier to reduce the silverfish population.

We will also address linen and paper that are loosely stored. It is best to seal these items in plastic to cut off the silverfish food supplies and to protect your valuable items. Finally, we can also take measures to exterminate existing silverfish through the use of pet and family-friendly chemicals.


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