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Rats are known for their prolific breeding rates and their menacing reputation has confirmed that while they are opportunistic, they are also vicious and a legitimate threat to your safety. Rats are known for carrying dangerous pathogens and bacteria.

Being nocturnal makes them evasive and difficult to detect. Rats live in dark corners and will do their best to remain unseen. Should you encounter a rat out in the open, it is a sign that there is most likely already a rat infestation present. Other signs include rat droppings, gnaw marks, chewed items like appliance wires and even boxes, as well as dead rats.


What are rats and rodents?

“Rodent” is the species of animals that groups together rabbits, mice, rats, shrews, and others. They are characterised by their larger front teeth which continue to grow throughout their lives and are kept in check through constant gnawing.

Not all rodents are a problem, for example, wild hares on a farm play an important role in the ecosystem. Rats that are indoors and frequently encountered can pose a serious health risk and they can threaten supplies alongside damaging structures and important appliances.

Rats have become such a large-scale threat that many insurance companies require rat control certification prior to approving cover. Rats frequent dirty areas, in cityscapes, they often dwell in sewerage drains before climbing pipes and walls to enter people’s kitchens.


How to control rats and rodents

A minor problem is often easily addressed with traps, however, it is difficult to say for sure whether or not it is a small problem or a large problem that is only presenting small hints of its existence.

The most comprehensive way to address a rat problem lies in cleaning up the environment and removing potential breeding grounds. Removing water sources (where possible) and eliminating food sources. Furthermore, traps, poison, baiting stations, and ensuring entry point via the ceiling are addressed and implemented as needed.


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