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Pest Inspection

Pest inspections are a straightforward and hassle-free experience for clients. For the professionals, it’s never straight forward. It involves an extensive search for a wide variety of critters. Our trained professionals will conduct this inspection knowing the typical breeding and feeding behaviors of every pest. This enables us to seek them out and identify them by subtle tell-tale signs.

A pest inspection is probably the most important yearly investment you can make as a property owner. It safeguards your investment and ensures you are able to perform pest control tasks before a few small critters turn into an infestation -which can be costly and absolutely devastating.

In Australia, regular inspections for termites is crucial. This tiny but bothersome insect can lurk quietly for years, eating away at the structure of a building. They’re exceptionally common, testing positive for a presence in almost 25% of Australian homes. That’s only one type of pest! O rule out the presence of pests, we do a comprehensive check around the property, indoors and outdoors.


Indoor inspections

This will entail identifying possible ways for pests to enter your home. We will also check the sideboards, window frames, and under the house (where possible). It often starts by identifying areas of damp – under the kitchen sink, in bathrooms, in the ceiling, under floorboards, and in corners.

Damp often supports a number of critters by providing them with water, which makes damp areas high risk for pest infestations. We will also bring in some equipment, like infrared sensors, special listening devices, and specialised cameras. These tools help us to identify insects, like termites, in the walls where they may be colonising out of sight.


Outdoor inspections

 If your property is in a woodland area, the risk for termites and spiders in increased. SPiders enter the house by using tree branches that touch the house. Termites feed on rotting wood. Trash that is not sealed away will attract rats. Alongside evaluating the risk factors based on your environment, we will also look for clues that indicate the presence of certain pests. Rat droppings, termite-eaten wood, termites mounds, and other subtle clues give away the presence of pests.


What do I get?

We will give you a report of our findings. The report will contain a breakdown of the areas we inspected and what we found. We employ a variety of tools to investigate thoroughly. Our reports may contain audio clips, infrared images, or photographs. The report will also contain our suggested treatment methods.

This will take into account the breeding grounds that support the pests. We may recommend clearing away rotting wood, trimming tree branches, or finding a way to seal away trash. In the case of possums that are protected, we may only relocate them a certain distance and therefore you may need to look at sealing your building more effectively to prevent them from re-entering.

Our treatment protocols will aim to eradicate the pests as fast and as effectively as possible. All of our treatments are child and pet safe. We do offer all-natural alternatives should you be concerned about the ecological balance on the property. Our report will contain a definitive breakdown of costs and expected timeframes.


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