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That familiar high-pitched hum is enough to pull anyone from a peaceful sleep into a state of anxiety and annoyance. Unless you have already been bitten, catching the mosquito is near-impossible without sacrificing your comfortable sleep. Mosquitoes are a danger to human health, remaining the top risk factor for contracting malaria, an illness with a lifelong presence in the body, which is often fatal.


What are mosquitoes?

The name “mosquito” is actually “small fly” in Spanish. There are over 3000 different types of mosquitoes, many of which drink blood for survival. They’re typically narrow-bodied and small belonging to a genus of insects under Diptera called Culicidae.

Their bite leaves a welt which is terribly itchy. It prevents vasoconstriction (narrowing of the veins), it causes inflammation, and it prevents blood clotting. Mosquitoes breed in water, their larvae can be seen in stagnant water looking like small lines that occasionally kick their tails in a sudden jerking movement.

They provide valuable food for fish, but if there are no fish, mosquito larvae will grow into a mosquito infestation. Socially, humans have noticed that certain people tend to get bitten more frequently than others.

This observation is so widespread, it is actually leading to scientific studies:  “There’s a tremendous amount of research being conducted on what compounds and odours people exude that might be attractive to mosquitoes”.


Mosquito treatments

Mosquito repellant may not be enough to stave off the bites. Besides, slathering yourself in repellant to relax on the couch is no way to live when you want to enjoy some time at home. Most insect repellants are largely ineffective, aside from those containing DDT, which is a compound that was recently found to have dangerous health effects for humans.

Our first point of call would be to address any stagnant water near the premises. Ponds should be populated with fish to eat the mosquito larvae, while buckets and containers should be emptied where possible. Eliminating mosquitoes requires a multi-faceted approach.


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