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Commercial Pest Control Experts in Brisbane

Commercial Pest Control Experts

The risks associated with untreated pest infestations in a commercial environment can have devastating outcomes. Your professional reputation is at stake, as is your health and safety compliance.

Should an employee become sick or have a dangerous encounter as a result of an unclean workplace, you could face serious penalties. However, that doesn’t mean pest control in a commercial space is easy. Businesses that work with food are constantly under siege by pests like cockroaches, rats, and birds.


Industries that are most affected by pests

A number of industries are more sensitive to pest infestations than others. This is either due to an increased need for more stringent hygiene, or simply because the nature of the business attracts pests faster. It is important to approach pest control with extra rigorousness in these industries;

  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Catering and food preparation services
  • Packaging and processing plants
  • Healthcare facilities like doctors’ rooms and hospitals
  • Child care facilities like schools and nurseries
  • Retail outlets and entertainment areas

More rigorous pest control entails frequent inspections and reports followed by expertly executed treatment plans. With the eradication of the pests, ongoing preventative measures are crucial.

This is not only for the sake of the employees but also for the safety of the public who make use of those services and for the business, safeguarding its reputation and prosperity. A pest-free work environment and complete compliance all start with a commercial pest inspection.


What a commercial pest inspection entails

NO1 Pest Control Brisbane will visit your premises to conduct the inspection. Taking account the environmental factors at play, which support the breeding and feeding habits of the pests, alongside the common risk factors, we conduct a comprehensive inspection.

Once the inspection is complete, we generate a report of our findings with evidence (this may be heat reports, sounds reports, or photographic evidence). We will issue a quote to eradicate the pests and provide ongoing preventative treatment. The report is issued in such a way that a second opinion is easily gained, should you wish to have that added certainty.


Commercial pest control methods

We use the industry-recommended commercial pest control methods to remove pests and keep them off your premises. We try to conduct all of our work in a manner that is least disruptive to your workday. We also provide our service with as much discreetness as possible, as we understand the need for subtlety in many industries where your reputation is important.

This could involve setting traps. baiting stations, fumigating and applying barrier controls. It depends on the pest and the circumstances. We will also evaluate your risk factors and provide insight into what is attracting the pests and sustaining them, enabling you to make the necessary changes in your environment to prevent future problems.

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