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Cockroaches have long had a reputation for being some of the creepiest insects, being featured on popular reality TV shows like Fear Factor purely on the merit of their skin-crawling abilities. However, in your environment, cockroaches are more than just irksome pests, they pose legitimate health hazards.

The rumour that cockroaches are actually some of the cleanest insects is completely untrue. They are known for spreading pathogens, particularly those found in rat and human feces. Cockroaches in your kitchen are not only cringe-worthy but a legitimate health risk.


What are cockroaches?

With over 4600 different types of cockroaches, they’re some of the most common pests in the world, although only around 30 of those are associated with human habitats and infestations. They breed at incredibly rapid rates which is why infestations are common.

This is because a female only needs to mate once to remain an egg-layer for life. Another common cockroach rumour is that they’re capable of surviving some of the most inhospitable conditions – and this is true.

It’s what makes them so hardy, they’re able to adapt to the harshest extremes with relative ease. They actually fall under the same genus as termites (white ants), which called Blattodea. This ancient type of insect has been around for millennia and dates as far back as 320 million years.


How to treat cockroaches

To eradicate this pest it is necessary to call exterminators. Removing cockroaches as you encounter them is simply not going to suffice, because the females will continue to breed out of sight. You can prevent re-infestation after treatments by ensuring scraps of food are always thrown away, countertops are wiped clean, and dishes are washed.

Also, restrict water, don’t leave water sources standing overnight. A cockroach can survive for up to 14 days without water but they will always nest and breed nearby a convenient and reliable water source.


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