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Building And Pest Inspection

NO1 Pest Control Brisbane designed Building and pest inspections to find pests and discover if there is any damage to your building, the extent of the damage, and find solutions to mend it. It is one of the most important inspections you can have.

The inspector will examine the inside of your building, the outside of the building, underneath the building (where possible), the ceilings, the roof exterior and the underfloor space. Such an inspection will identify damage in the shape of dampness and moisture penetration, the deterioration of structural elements like roofing, frames, foundations, and walls. The inspection will also look for pests that are still present and identify the best way to remove them.


Why it matters

 If you recently had a pest inspection and subsequently had a particular pest, like for example, termites, removed, you may have eradicated the problem, but you haven’t identified the full extent of the damage that was caused. Many pests can live in your home for an extended period of time without ever being detected.

For this reason, the damage may be far more extensive than you may come to realise. If there are is water seepage as a result of damage, the structure of your building may be slowly deteriorating.

The danger is that you could simply step through a rotten floorboard, or have the bathroom cabinet simply fall out of the wall. Damage is accumulative. Where there is a small crevice, it leaves room for major problems to fester and build up until you face devastating damage or major and expensive repairs.


When to do it

These inspections are legally required when you buy or sell property, but that’s not enough. Your risk factors will play a part in deciding how often to have a pest inspection. If you live in a wooded area, you are at risk of getting termites.

If you live in a coastal area, you are at risk of getting cockroaches. How frequently you decide to get an inspection should depend on your risk criteria. If your risks are low, an annual inspection is often enough. If you are trying to protect a commercial space, a quarterly inspection is crucial alongside ongoing preventative care.


What to ask for

A building and pest inspection provides you with a report of the findings and recommended treatments. Ask for your risk factors to be explained and ensure you understand the damage that has been identified.

The report we provide you with makes it easy to get a building inspector to give you a second opinion, should you wish to have one. Regardless of the service provider yo choose, always request a guarantee on the work to ensure your building is safe and protected until you schedule your next inspection. This will ensure you never experience any pest damage, and if you do, the costs will be covered on your behalf.


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