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Bed bugs are some of the most stubborn pests to detect and then eradicate. When dealing with a bed bug issue, it’s best to call the most experienced service providers who understand the habits and the tendencies of these pests, which are so often misdiagnosed.

Bed bug bites can cause painful blisters and reddened skin, often leading people to assume they have a skin disorder. Others may suffer from allergies and develop psychological disorders. When left untreated, a full-scale bed bug infestation will move beyond the bed, as creatures make homes in the curtains, in furniture crevices, and eventually spreading throughout the house.


What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small rounded insects that feed on human blood. They’re strictly nocturnal and they’re very fast, which makes them almost impossible to detect. During the day, they hide in mattress crevices, under the bed, and even in small cracks if your bed is made of wood.

The only signs to look out for, are the actual bites, and by then, you already have a major problem. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are not attracted to dirt. Therefore, the presence of bed bugs in your home is not shameful and nor is it an indication of poor hygiene or cleanliness.

Bed bugs are parasites and will seek out blood. If you have ever stayed in a hotel room, it’s entirely possible that bed bugs could have climbed onto your luggage and joined your ride home. Without knowing, there was no way of preventing this.


Bed bug treatments

At-home treatments are time-consuming and often ineffective. Bed bugs can stay alive for 12 months without a source of food, which means they can hide for significant periods of time and then resurface.

As experts in dealing with bed bugs, we are able to come in and make suggestions regarding ongoing prevention after we have exterminated. Clutter around the bed, cracks in wooden bed frames, crevices in radios and between books all make ideal hiding places for bed bugs.


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